2021 Recap

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

How is it already December 21st 😳. You know the saying "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans."? Yeah that's been our year, but as always God's plan is always superior to mine.

Nelson and I started the year full of hope that this would be our year to finally see that + pop up on one of our pregnancy tests. We hoped that the effort we had made at the end of last year to make amends with family would carry over in to the year and help mend all the broken relationships. We were excited about Nelson's new career opportunity and continuation of schooling. We were hopeful for our small business to start to trend upwards and move past the hole Covid put us in. Most of these plans and hopes we had were struck down in one way or another, but I truly believe it all happened for a reason and I'm so grateful to have my amazing husband by my side as we navigated the year.

We never got the + test but after some soul searching and a lot of praying we came to the decision to stop actively pursing that positive test and putting so much stress on ourselves to grow our family. The amends we tried to make with family was in the end not successful. We ended up having a falling out with the entirety of the family when it was all said and done. I struggled with this for months and when some family members sent nasty texts and emails that didn't make it any easier, but I chose not to reply back and try to move forward with our life. Nelson's job continued to take advantage of him and lead him on regarding a promotion so he decided to change career paths and it ended up giving us a much better schedule (considering his initial job started at 4am 😳). Nelson is KILLING IT in school still which has been the highlight of the year, although if you ask him he'll act like it's not a big deal. I want to brag on him for a minute though because he has made the Dean's List every semester, maintained a 4.0 GPA and made it on the National Honors Society(or something along those lines haha). Our business survived and we are making steps in the right direction to continue to grow it as we navigate all the ways Covid has changed our industry. We ended up getting Covid the week of Thanksgiving so we weren't able to spend it with anyone but each other (and honestly that was just what we needed).

The one thing that I kept coming back to all year through all our hard days was how incredibly lucky I am to have a partner in my husband. I married my best friend and because of that I never have to wonder if he has my back. At my absolute lowest when I wanted to die he was there reminding me why I should keep living. With the new year almost here I'm wanting to change up the focus of my writing to revolve mainly around marriage and how Nelson and I have been able to navigate the hardships we have and come out stronger. I will always be here to support any of you going through a fertility journey, but Nelson and I just aren't continuing our own fertility journey at this time.

Keep an eye out for some New Years Resolution posts coming as well as some more 2021 fun recap memories!

🤍 Victoria 🤍

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