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Updated: Dec 29, 2021

We've been MIA from posting and for that I am sorry. After I shut down the previous site for personal reasons I thought I'd jump right in to getting this site up and going, but that didn't happen. Instead I took some time away from writing and posting so that I could gather my thoughts.

2020 hit everyone hard with the virus, shutdowns, stress, weight gain, and so much more. We were no exception to that. For those of you that don't know we purchased a business at the beginning of 2020 so most of our year was spent stressing about how to keep the doors open. We struggled with our fertility journey starting in 2019 but it carried over to last year and then to add to that we had plenty of conflict with some family members which ultimately led to us separating from the family.

We had discussed a lot what we wanted for our future as a family. We had an entire plan of me going on chlomid (an ovulation drug), changing our diets, moving to a bigger place, and starting our family. We thought when we got rid of the stress from the family conflict that we could finally start focussing on our relationship and our own family, but that wasn't quite the case.

When the dust finally settled from the conflict, Nelson and I both agreed that what we wanted to focus on was our relationship. We didn't want to jump back in to the fertility journey and pour countless dollars into a fertility plan that had no guarantee. We decided we wanted to continue to focus on bettering our lives by focussing on our careers, paying off debt, and most importantly on each other and our marriage.

If you look at the joy on both our faces in this photo you can see how excited and happy we were in the moment right after being pronounced "man and wife". I love this photo. I love our relationship. I love our little family of us and our two fur babies. I love my husband, and I know that we don't need a child to make us a family.

This isn't the end of our fertility journey, but it's a pause while we focus on another journey in life.

🤍 Victoria 💛

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