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Updated: Nov 1

This is not a decision I make lightly, but after much thought and consideration I have decided to take down this blog effective 7/1/22 until I feel it is a safe space for me to resume sharing my life.

When I first started blogging at the end of 2020 it was to help tell my side of a very toxic story and I wanted to help others who might be going through similar things with their friends or family get through it. That quickly blew up in my face. I took a break and took that site down to try to start fresh with Marriage Milestones. I wanted to share some of the inner workings of how Nelson and I are in our marriage and the things we've worked through and overcome together. I wanted a safe space to speak openly about our infertility struggles and my mental health journey. I wanted a place where I could tell what marriage is like from my point of view and still I just wanted to help others who might be going through similar things.

I have tried to be as transparent as possible with my mental health struggles and my life in general, but I have a confession to make. I have not given full transparency on some aspects of my life out of fear of the backlash I would face. There are people who use to be in our life that are no longer a part of it and to keep it that way I have had to watch what I say and how I say it. There is still a part of me that wants to tell my side of the story and maybe one day I will, but it will not be in this blog.

I spent a major portion of the last two years feeling as if I wasn't good enough to be on this earth. I was heartbroken that people who once called me their family and told me they loved me and would protect me like their family instead attacked me and said awful things about me. The events that transpired led to me losing some of my best friends and women I considered sisters. There are still days that this fact makes me sad, but I have to remind myself that despite everything that happened I never meant to cause anyone harm and I did what I could to try and mend things before I reached the point of removing myself from the situation.

I want to close this blog with a final update on what milestone we have reached in our marriage. I will not go in to many specifics so we can maintain our privacy that we feel is necessary moving forward. What I will say is we have never been in a better place in our marriage or in our lives. We finally moved in to a house instead of an apartment that was a stressful move, but completely worth it. Our home is a space that feels free of negative energy and most importantly feels safe and like it's genuinely ours. Our dogs are thriving in the new house with a yard, and are more playful and energetic than ever. We have a few close friends that we are incredibly grateful for their support and looking forward to all the game nights and bbqs that are bound to happen (my love for hosting has only gotten stronger). Our business is still open and doing well, a fact that I'm more proud of every day. Nelson and I have continued to build our marriage up by focussing on our communication and continuing to be open and honest with each other regarding our needs. I could not have dreamt up a better husband, and I'm incredibly grateful for all Nelson does for our family. After nearly 3 years of uncertainty, multiple doctors, and numerous tests we have accepted our infertility diagnosis and have started down a new path towards becoming parents. I'm not going to go in to specifics because this is a decision we feel is private and have opted to only discuss it with close family and friends.

I can't wait to see what the future holds for Nelson and I because we have grown so much in 5 years and I know as long as we continue to have each other's backs our marriage will continue to grow and strengthen. We want to thank each of you that has been there for us through the last few years and has supported us through our 1 in 8 journey as well as been there for me in my darkest times with my mental health.

Thank you for giving me the space to pursue my dream of writing and helping others. I'm sorry my time with this blog has come to an end for now, but I do not believe it is the end of my writing and I will continue to pursue other avenues to tell my story. The Marriage Milestones Instagram account will be deactivated when this blog is deactivated, but if you would like to continue to follow our journey or have any questions or just need someone to talk to please feel free to reach out via my personal account Courtney.Chronicles2.0 on Instagram. I will continue to be transparent (as much as I'm able) on my personal account since I will be able to better control who has access to me and my life.

Wishing you all a wonderful year filled with love not only from others but love for yourself. Always remember, the world is a better place with you in it 💛

🤍 Victoria 🤍

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