Marriage Milestones

If you've been checking regularly to see if I have posted I'm sorry I've been silent for a while. Like many things over the last two years I started this year trying to focus more on things that bring me joy including writing this blog, but life knocked me back down for a while again and I struggled to get out of bed let alone do anything extra. This blog may never be regular, it may never have tons of followers, but it will always be one thing: Honest. This is where I truly do let my guard down so the good, the bad and the ugly all can come out.

With all that being said I do have a goal and plan for this blog. I started my last blog to tell my side of a very dark and painful story which never got to happen, but this blog I wanted to be more about how Nelson and I have always found a way to make it through every obstacle we've faced and reach the next milestone in our relationship. Social media is filled with couples pretending to have this perfect life, marriage, house, job, everything and that's just not realistic. I promise to always give you the honest truth about marriage (from my perspective) and life in general.

I may not upload as consistently as I'd like but I will post as often as I'm able while still allowing myself to take a step back when needed.

Thank you to all who have encouraged me to continue writing and supported me during my darkest times. I wouldn't be here today without you.

🤍 Victoria 🤍

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