Spring Cleaning 2022 Edition

Ah Spring Cleaning! That time of year when everyone comes out of hibernation to deep clean their homes and reorganize their lives. Between us, I always HATED spring cleaning! When the weather started to get warm the last thing I wanted to do was be cooped up in the house so I would rarely participate in spring cleaning. Instead I opted to just randomly deep clean and go through my stuff to get rid of things I never used throughout the year.

This year, however, I will be participating in Spring Cleaning, but not in the traditional sense. This year my deep cleaning will be focused on more than eliminating dust bunnies and organizing my closet. I want to clear my life and mind from the negativity that's taken hold the last two years. I want to clear my mind of the dark thoughts that have haunted me. I want to clear my circle of people who have nothing but negativity to give and instead fill it with those who bring joy and positivity.

I've spent the last two years trying to cut out negativity, but I couldn't completely do that because a part of me was still holding on to hope that the people who have caused me so much pain and hated me so much would want to make amends and work towards peace. I can no longer hold on to that hope for my own mental well being. I started therapy last year and one of the biggest take aways I've had so far is that if I have done everything I can to try to make amends and make peace then it is no longer on my shoulders to carry their burden.

Scrubbing your floors is easy compared to scrubbing your mind. I have to actively remind myself not to let negative thoughts take hold. When I make an error my brain reacts by shouting at me with all the horrible things people have said to me and called me and telling me they were right, but I've worked on shutting those thoughts down by replacing them with better thoughts. When my mind is idle (especially when I'm in the zone working and tanning clients) I will repeat in my head "Damn, I love my life". I repeat this over and over and it's amazing the difference it has made. I still have down days, and this time of year is particularly rough for me being 1 in 8, but that's a topic for another day (check the We are 1 in 8 category for more info).

2022 Spring Cleaning is beginning in my mind and I have no intention of letting any of the old, negative, nastiness stay behind. If you'd like help with your own mental spring cleaning I'd love to talk to you more and see how I can help! Send me a message any time.

🤍 Victoria 🤍

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